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EEC clients get more than what they paid for.
EEC provides the best, yet cost effective services, designs and products to best suit the client’s requirements, budget and lifestyle
EEC’s solar and back-up systems always keeps the lights while ensuring the highest level of cost savings on your electrical bill
We provide power security and a higher quality of life
Each system is individually designed to meet the clients specific requirements
Ensure power security together with excellent return on investment (ROI)

We protect your lifestyle and business against power failures and high electricity cost

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Who are we

EEC (Effectual Energy Consultants) is an innovative and modern engineering firm and solution provider specialising in Renewable Energy, Power Security, Business Continuity and Energy Efficiency.

EEC Vision: We believe electricity should be cost effective, regularly available, decentralisation as well as sustainable and you should be able to use it when you, your business or your family wants to and not when the municipality or electricity provider allows you to. We achieve this by utilising our vast inhouse knowledge and expertise, guided by strong engineering principles, to provide the best, yet cost effective services, designs and products to best suit the client’s requirements, budget and lifestyle within the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, UPS and Back-Up industry.

who are we


“Workmanship from the outset of one’s average household usage analysis, the installation team and the various workable options proposed is carefully tailored to suit ones pocket. The material supplied from that of the solar panels, to the batteries, inverter has no competition to any other brand out there. The electrical wiring of the glass cabinet that houses all the elements has been meticulously wired by a mastermind. The general overall finishing has been neat and tidy or spotless to say of you have a technical eye for line and detail. Today, I am proud to confirm and that my average municipal electricity bill is one tenth of the initial. Not only is my pocket happy, but I have a happy wife who has never thanked me previously for anything, but made a special effort to say thanks based on the convenience of life when the rest of the neighbourhood is plunged and suffers in constant darkness. Good bye “Dear Generator”
Sashin Thotha
“The team from EEC installed our Solar PV system at our home in September 2019. We received very professional service from Chris Sachse and his team from the design phase through to the completion of the project. Our system has been running continuously for the past 3 years and every small question or problem we experienced over this period was dealt with swiftly and to our satisfaction. Thank you for a job well done!”
Nicojan Bornman
I recently had a solar, battery and inverter system installed by EEC. I had many proposals sent to me from different organisations and EEC were not the cheapest BUT, they did not do anything cheaply….far from it and absolutely no short cuts. I was impressed from the outset as they did a proper needs analysis, gave me three different options and then took the time to take to sit with me face to face to explain these various options to me. The team that did the installation were nothing but professional, reliable and courteous. The case that the system fits into is nothing short of impressive and the neatness of the installation is faultless. The technician in charge of the installation refused to leave the house until he was sure everything was in good running order and that, since I was travelling, my wife knew how it operated and who to contact if she had any questions. I have absolute faith in EEC and the comfort of knowing that I have a properly installed system. I have full confidence that, should I have any issues or comebacks (which I doubt I will), that these will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.
Gavin Ritchie
Three years ago in August 2019 I took an important decision that I will never regret: I placed an order and installed a 6.7 kWP solar system with an 10/7 kWh back-up battery as shown on the attached photo. This changed my life and the system has become truly indispensable with the power cuts that have become part of our daily lives in South Africa. On a normal day the battery is charged to full capacity by about 10 o’ clock in the morning whereafter it feeds the excess power back into the network of the complex where I live. The loads in my house have been divided into two circuits, Critical and non-Critical with only the critical loads being connected to the battery for energy sourcing whenever we experience power cuts from Eskom. In this way all essentials like my computer, cell phone chargers, WIFI / TV and essential lights stay live and well when the power fails. The installation was done by Chris Sachse and his team from EEC. They are very professional people and I can recommend their services without hesitation.
Bruno Penzhorn
My solar journey started with loads of upfront perceptions and planning – when I spoke to Chris and the team, they adjusted, with solid proof, some of my ideas, and guided me to a solar solution that now, after a few months, have delivered in every way expected. Important is that I have not had a single trip (touch wood), my electricity bill is reflective of my expectations, and most important, I can “forget about the install”, no “hand-on-tiller” due to some minor changes the team proposed and implemented in my house’s wiring. I am a “”smiley faced” customer.
Zirk Pretorius
The system is extremely dependable, and provides seamless and uninterrupted electricity, productivity and even emotional calmness in my house. It gave me back my quality of life as I want it to be!
Frans Cilliers
We had a solar panel installed by Effectual Energy Consultants in late 2020. The installation was very professionally done and the system has worked well ever since. The facility whereby the installers can view the system remotely is exceptionally useful.
Hugh Brown
EEC recently installed a PV system at my residence. The service I received, from design to installation to commissioning was excellent. I was impressed by their professional, efficient and friendly approach, their ability to deliver on time as well as their high standard of workmanship.
Karl Pfeffer
EEC are a highly qualified professional company. My Solar PV project was a big success. Bjorn Schildt Retired Engineer
Bjorn Schildt
Thank you for the installation of the Solar PV System at my Home. Your initial Feasibility Study and subsequent System Proposal were of a high standard and convinced me of the need for an alternative to the wilting Escom service. Your highly-skilled technicians did a super job with the installation of the best available Solar Panels, the Inverter, the Batteries and the over-all Electronic Control System. It is a great relief no longer to be concerned about the disrupting effects on our daily lives caused by the continuiung and expanding loadshedding programs.
‘’To invest in a solar energy system is a big decision for individuals and companies alike. Thus one’s choice of supplier is critical in order to receive good advice and a quality installation. Energy Consult has delivered on both these important requirements and continues to provide excellent after sales service by monitoring and advising how to utilise the system on an ongoing basis to suit our specific requirements. I can recommend Energy Consult as a supplier of solar energy systems with great confidence”
Gerhard Kotzee
EEC provides a professional service--from the initial consultation right through to the installation. High quality products are used and the installation work is very tidy.
Tinus Strauss