commercial project
commercial project

Commercial solar and back-up system

Can your business truly afford not to have power security and own power generation (Solar PV)?

EEC offers customised systems that offer power security (back-up power) as well as cost savings (Solar PV) to the commercial market. Our commercial solar systems, protects your income, your IT and other equipment while adding to the value of the business and a yielding a great return on investment

The correct sizing, high quality design and components as well as industry leading installation standards provide business up-time, best ROI, Increased profits upgradability, future proofing and longevity.

Eskom data shows that over the past 20 years the average electrical price increases we approximately 15%. What this means is that your cost of electricity doubles every 5 years, if you are paying R 10 000 for electricity today, you will be paying R 20 000 in 5 years and R 40 000, 10 years from now.

Commercial solar and back up system

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Depending on the decision making time if the client the process takes 2 to 4 weeks.

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